Promotional Offers

A Promotion is an event that usually coincides with one of our advertising campaigns. Generally, our promotions are used to track sales as a result of an advertising campaign.

Entering a Promotion Number is never required, but promotions often provide some benefit to you in the form of a percentage discount on all your purchases and/or FREE shipping.

Promotional pricing is ONLY available to our customers who have been extended this special offer, so if you have received a Promotional Number, please use it on our site!


A sale is a time sensitive discount on a single product which is available to all our customers. Sales begin at midnight on the date the sale begins and end at midnight on the date the sale ends.

Combining Promotional Offers and Sales

You may not use a Promotional Offer to discount the price of a Sale item. The price shown (and charged) will be the Sale price of the item.

You can, however, use a Promotional Offer of FREE shipping on any order - even if it contains Sale items.


Promotional Offers and/or Sale pricing MUST be taken at the time of purchase. NO CORRECTION to this pricing will be made after payment is made for your transaction.